Are your dreams worth it? 

Will your decision to work hurt your family?

Will your kids' brains fry if they watch one more show while you work? 


So many people have the "secrets to success." People want to a) replicate success and b) want to sell success. That's fine. But honestly, I have a hunch that success depends less on what we do, and more on the people around us. 


This November, we're launching the beta version of Mom's School of Dreams (SD). Through the course, you'll have access to carefully chosen trainings with phenomenal women. However, the most amazing women won't be the guests--they're going to be your fellow SD subscribers, the women that are momming and dreaming on every side of you. 




I am terribly uninterested in giving you a traditional online course, with homework and loooong trainings to add to your already overwhelmed to-do list. Solutions to obstacles are great (there are a lot of other people who do those well), but friends who know us and know our struggles and have the chutpza to celebrate our victories with us? Friends whose success we become as invested in as our own?

Now that's life-changing. 

Here's what it looks like: 


My promise is to get women in front of you who have really valuable insights (to problems you have right now) or have overcome difficult struggles (that you're facing, too) or have uncovered some truth that's left them free to r-u-n (and maybe that truth will be the key that unlocks your handcuffs).

MOSTLY, however, I'm here to provide the organization & tech you need to form a tribe. Ready?