Dear Work at Home Mom,

work at home ebook

Hey girl! 

I'm Sarah, mom to three kids under six, and creator of the Stand For Mom community for Work at Home Moms.

After years of listening to women share their work at home struggles, I wrote the first book of its kind for women like you and me--working, but determined to also be at home with our kids. 

I wrote a book about grabbing hold of your calling because: 

  • I'm tired of laboring under the same ol' impossible standards.
  • I'm fed up with striving and never finding time for myself.
  • I'm exhausted by the voices in my head telling me "I'm not a good mom." 

I believe we are called and equipped.

Will you join me on a journey to discover what that means for YOUR beautiful family? 

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • I struggle keeping my kids entertained, while also keeping up with work and the house. 
  • I just want some friends who can understand what I'm going through. 
  • Me time? What me time? 
  • I think mom guilt is just part of being a mom. 
  • I over-complicate things, and never know where to start. 
  • I tend to focus on the wrong things--and then never make any progress. 

In Equipped, we're going to learn how: 

  • our work can actually enable our children to THRIVE. 
  • to deal with sibling conflict and interruptions.
  • to set children up so they play independently for hours at a time. 

We'll discover: 

  • a community of women who are open, vulnerable, and honest.
  • simple, powerful strategies for getting more work done. 
  • the effective power of focus. 

We'll experience: 

  • effective freedom from guilt, thanks to a 2-step solution.
  • freedom to live OUR life, not the "should" life.
  • clarity on how our callings for working and motherhood compliment each other--not compete.

You'll receive: 


What's included: 

  • Equipped, a 55+ page PDF for immediate download (read on your computer, tablet, or phone) 
  • Equipped Workbook, a 14+ page printable ebook
  • access to the {free} Stand For Mom community  
  • BONUS! The crowd favorite, "Best Toys for Screen Free Play" ebook
  • BONUS! The popular "4 Ways to Save 20+ Hours a Month!" immediate download

This is NOT just another book on organization or intentional living--as fantastic as those things are. This is a book about making the changes in your heart and head, that enable you to make the changes in your life, that lead to freedom, joy, and peace. For your whole family. 

{less guilt, more happy}