11 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

remote jobs for stay at home moms

Moms are often stuck somewhere between not being able to afford daycare and not wanting to use daycare, but still needing income.

Thanks to technology and social media, opportunities for stay at home moms abound! If you have previous job experience in a specific field, that can be a plus, but even if you have zero experience, you have some great options.

Here are our top 11 places to look for a remote job/jobs you can work from home:  

1. The ProBlogger Job Board 

If you have basic writing skills (or advanced copywriting skills) and can put together a few short articles, or if you have experience or a lot of knowledge about a field like technology or legal, the ProBlogger Job Board is a great place to start. The quality of leads is high, and updating frequently. Because the job board is on a site for bloggers, they're not looking for journalists (some are, but most aren't), which is nice. 

2. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

A virtual assistant helps a businesses or individual with a variety of tasks, depending on the VA's skill. Tasks might include managing a social media account, answering emails, doing light design work, or various other duties. There are a couple different ways to get started.

One is by connecting with friends; on the Stand For Mom Show Episode #5, Lindsay landed her first job by emailing a friend. Emailing friends and family and asking for leads or connections is a great place to start. Another great way to break in is by reaching out to one of your favorite bloggers or online businesses. One of Brilliant Business Mom's virtual assistants got her start by emailing Beth Anne and volunteering to do a small project for free (you can listen to that episode here). If you'd like more help getting started as a VA, go here

3. Freelance Writing 

Writing for online websites like Her View From Home and Mother.ly is doable; scaling so that you're writing at a liveable volume (and for publications that pay) can be a bit trickier. If you're the kind who likes to figure it out on your own, Beyond Your Blog's interviews with editors are invaluable. If, however, you'd prefer somebody walk you through the process, I recommend Chaunie Brusie's courses. Chaunie is a work at home mom of four, and provides advice on the work and on being a mom in the midst of it. 

11 awesome jobs for stay at home moms

4. ChatBooks 

ChatBooks has long been a friend to work at home moms--in fact, the company has a whole group of work at home moms they call they mom squad! You can check their job listings to see what's available currently. 

5. StitchFix

Want to work in the fashion industry, and help other people find clothes they feel great about? StitchFix might be the company for you! You can learn more about their remote stylist positions here

5. Amazon

Yep, the online giant is hiring this year! Go straight to the job board here

6. Proofreading 

If you have an eye for catching grammar and spelling mistakes, proofreading is a great option. Caitlin Pyle, fellow work at home mom, has found a lot of success as a proofreader, and offers free webinars and courses if you'd like to learn more. 

7. Use Facebook

Are you a member of Facebook groups? They can be powerful engines for learning about industries and connecting with other people. Particularly if you have specials skills but are new to the job market or the region, joining relevant Facebook groups (like the Austin Digital Jobs group) can give you an idea about what's out there.

A word of caution: there are a LOT of groups out there that offer you tons of making for working at home. As tempting as that sounds--they're scams. Stay away. 

8. Search Indeed.com for Remote Jobs

FlexJobs is also a great source! 

9. Open Your Own Etsy Shop

Do you have creative or design skills? Open your own shop on Etsy! Shop Files has some great resources here. 

10. Be a Digital Influencer 

If you'd like to work with sponsors, offer services as a coach, consultant, or designer, or create a digital product (like an ebook), starting a blog can help you establish yourself as an expert and give potentional customers a preview of what you have to offer. Elna Caine at Twins Mommy is an experienced blogger, and has great recommendations here.

If you enjoy photographing your life, have an eye for style and design, and don't mind maintaining a fairly public profile, growing an Instagram following can allow you to work with sponsors, who pay you for sharing their product with your audience. Depending on the size of your audience and your niche, you can earn anything from free product to $15-over $1000/post.

Many Instagrammers connect their Instagram account to a blog, but you don't have to. Likewise, you can create a Facebook page to support your blog/website, or you can create a niche Facebook page and work with sponsors. This Facebook group is filled with people who do just that. 

11. Amazon FBA

It's a little bit complicated, so I won't go into full detail, but you can consider retail arbitrage on Amazon. Basically, you snag great deals and sell them for a higher price. This couple explains more

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