21 (totally not surprising) things moms want for mother's day

21 totally not surprising things moms want for mother's day #mothersdaygifts #mothersdaygiftideas

Husbands, listen up. Do you know what the mother of your children wants this Mother’s Day? (Hint: it’s not jewelry.) I polled the tribe, and here’s what's on these moms' wish lists:

I really want a noodle thing, is that weird? That makes vegetables into noodles. And a day off with a mani pedi, that's my DREAM! -Chaunie

I want the house to myself. I don't want to go anywhere. I want to sit in a bubble bath and drink wine. -Christine

I just want a day off, from beginning to end. I wanna be able to drink coffee and look through a magazine without hearing yelling and crying and I wanna eat a pint of ice cream without sharing it. -Jocelyn

Sleep in. Everyone LEAVE for the day. Silence. -Alyson

Sleep in. Maid service. Eat out every meal (no cooking or cleaning).  A nap. Coffee shop and Target BY MYSELF. Or maybe with a friend.  A date with my husband.  All of the things that seem so elusive right now!! -Courtney

  (yep, totally expect you to pin this!)

(yep, totally expect you to pin this!)

Am I crazy for wanting to celebrate Mother's Day twice? One with my kids and one without! With the kids I love a day at the zoo and a picnic lunch. Without, I really want to spend the day shopping for a pair of hip new mom jeans in my postpartum size. -Gretchen

A night of sleep without a baby monitor and a snoring husband is really what I want. -Kasey

I really want to do zero cooking or dishes all day. If someone else can put food in front of me and clean everything up, I'll be happy. -Emily

I want my car professionally cleaned and detailed. Weird I know, but I want my car to look new again! -Victoria

I want to go to breakfast with my family but only worry about getting myself ready and out the door on time--not the kids! A day free from cooking, laundry, and dishes would be fabulous. Also, I know it's Mother's Day, but I would like to enjoy the day with my husband and kids without having to worry about all the little things I'm normally in charge of as the mom--is the diaper bag packed? Do we have snacks? Is the stroller in the car? Will this activity interfere with nap/mealtimes/bedtime? So, basically, I guess I just want to spend that Sunday like my husband spends every other Sunday. Knowing me, I would probably have a really hard time giving up control though! -Emily

Sleep!!! A night away with my husband! We got married with kids so we've only had one week alone together since the beginning of our relationship 5 years ago. -Susan

I want to stay in bed until I feel like getting out. Then I want to not worry about cooking / cleaning AND wake up the next day to the house being clean. It's one thing to not have to do it for a day.. It's another if I wake up the next day and have a disaster on my hands -Amara

Check into a hotel on Saturday and come home after naps on Sunday! -Tory

A brunch-day with my girlfriends, free of responsibility! -Laynie

Mani/Pedi. Alone. The end. -Ashley

A six pack of beer, the laptop, and several hours alone in my room to watch Law & Order. -Jenny

A car detail and a massage. -Lauren

I want some day drinking with my husband! Maybe some afternoon drinking too. -Victoria

A day spent with my family where I don't have to plan or do anything other than enjoy them. (So basically what my husband gets to do every day). -Anne

This Mother's Day will be my first. I'm thinking that I want a day to myself. All by myself. And a full night of sleep without a baby kicking me in the face or pulling my hair to wake me up at 5 am, also without a snoring, blanket hogging husband. But I won't hold my breath. -Elizabeth

3 years ago he surprised me with a last min trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley! I loved it!! All the food wine, and shopping!! -Rachelle

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