How to Have a Quiet Time (when you have to work + the kids are loud)

Each of my kids is noisy on his own, but when all three are together, the noise increases exponentially. Trying to find a moment of peace to have a feels almost impossible, but daily time reading my bible and praying is usually the only thing that carries me through work at home deadlines and smeared peanut butter in dark places. When life gets loud and time gets short, here’s my little 1-2-3 method for eeking out some day-altering time with Jesus.

how to have a quiet time

1. Music + headphones.

Headphones don’t silence the noise (unless they’re these, which I’ve definitely considered...), but I’ve found turning the sound up on my headphones and worshipping along for a few songs to music from Shane & Shane or Bethel makes my heart a little island of calm in the midst of the storm.

2. Move your body.

I’m 98% more likely to fall asleep if I’m having quiet time on a couch or bed. #momprobs So, sometimes we go for a walk. I use the headphones again, or just enjoy the sun, the trees, the birds, the butterflies...and let nature speak to my heart.

3. Meditate on scripture.

My two favorite devotionals right now are short (can I get an amen?), but packed with truth that I can dwell on all day long. You can get the She Reads Truth app for your Android or iPhone, or download I Come Quietly to Meet You directly to your phone or tablet. Ideally, I’d be studying the bible like a scholar--but truth is truth and it changes my day, even when it comes in short bursts!

I go back to these three little gems over and over again. Quiet time as a work at home mom isn't easy, but it's a little like oxygen--necessary for survival.