Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom

I’m a morning routine and daily schedule junkie. I love reading how other people structure their days, and especially how other work at home moms get it done. Make sure you stick around to the end--I've included a free download with my favorite mom hacks, perfect whether you're a stay at home mom, or a working mom! 

My perfect routine is a moving target--three children in three years makes for constant changes and “flexible” is kind of my mantra now. But, my youngest is a year now, and routines are starting to fall into place. Hallelujah.

Good morning

I start my day around 7am. Often, I’ve been half awake in bed already, since my youngest likes to wake up super early to nurse, and then go back to sleep. My four-year-old and two-year-old are like little alarm clocks. They pop out of bed a few minutes before 7am, almost every morning. “Good mowning, mommy!” my daughter has taken to singing.

work at home day in the life

I recently took my work email off my phone (I had gotten SO bad about checking it first thing in the morning--such a bad way to start a day!), and instead try to read a quick devotional and get my head on straight for the day. Lately, I’ve been loving this one.

I make my bed. I’ve found that I have to do work last. If I make it first, I’ll work all day, and I’ll never get to the things that are most important to me--like my kids! So, the morning is our time. I make breakfast, we read a quick Psalm in between chewing, we practice our memory verses (even my two-year-old is picking up phrases), I change diapers. We brush teeth, pick up toys, and I'm training my oldest to sweep the floors after breakfast. They’re all usually so happy after breakfast, playing quietly, and my fingers always itch to get onto my computer. So, sometimes I’ll sit down and do something creative--like write. Or, I’ll just do some laundry, we’ll go to the park, run an errand, do some preschool, pay bills, visit friends…

work at home day in the life


Two days a week, my mother in law comes over at 11am, feeds the kids lunch and puts them down for naps, and I run out to a coffee shop to work. On the other three days, I do those things myself, and will usually start checking my email while they eat. When I get them down for naps, I get crackin’. The baby often wakes early from his nap, and can be fussy.

work at home day in the life

Sometimes I’ll put a show on for my oldest, because he doesn’t nap...sometimes I’m just trying to get emails answered through the whining and general fussiness around me. Those afternoons leave me zonked, and I rarely end up cooking dinner after days like that. My goal is two hours in the afternoon, and then two hours at night, after the kids go down. With the time change, they’ve been going down before 7, so that leaves me plenty of time to work and then still get in some time with my husband.

that’s all, folks!

Some mornings I do end up working, some nights I’ll work way more than two hours, some days when my mother in law has the kids, I have appointments or have to run errands, and don’t get much work done afterall. Some weekends I work, some weekends I don’t. There’s no science to it, and there’s always more to do than I have time to do...c’est la vie!