Holiday Stress // 3 Ways to Be Less Frazzled This Christmas

Is your blood pressure skyrocketing just thinking about how crazy the holidays get? Mine is, and that’s before I start thinking about all the extra work that comes with working in online retail this time of year! This isn’t my first rodeo, though. Here are five ways I’m planning to lower the stress:

1. Chop the bucket list.

I love Christmas. Here is what I want to do this year: make gingerbread houses, go caroling, participate in Angel Tree, pack a shoebox, take family photos in matching pj’s, bake cookies for our friends and neighbors, make apple butter, do an advent calendar, read the Jesus Storybook Bible advent plan, go Christmas tree shopping as a family, and make ornaments as a family. Spoiler alert: We’re not going to most of these. Our family is going to pick one or two things that really matter to us, and call it a day. Er--month.


2. Get your organization on.

Early in the season, before things get wild, take an afternoon and get things organized. This wrapping station bucket is awesome and would come in handy this December, you can use a white board to keep track of important holiday shopping you need completed, and a calendar every one can read would keep the whole family on the same page. This probably isn’t the time to completely rehaul your garage or your attic, but creating a better system for the clutter that keeps piling up on the counter would probably take the crazy down a notch or two.


3. Keep the gifts simple.

Repeat after me: I am not making handmade gifts this year. I am not making handmade gifts this year. I am not making handmade gifts this year…. I’m ordering my kids’ gifts online, and for anyone out of town--Amazon can do the honors. Including the wrapping. Everyone else is getting a giftcard.



Plan something nice for January. There are definitely times every year that I wish I could just be a mom. Planning something fun to do as a family in January, though, helps keep the self-pity party at bay when I have to chop away at my Christmas bucket list. This year, my husband and I are planning on a few nights away while the kids stay at Camp Grandma. Christmas-in-January is just fine by me ;).