3 Secret Promises You Didn’t Know Were in the Bible with Dear Mushka

Sometimes you need a new promise and a fresh burst of courage. Katie Lewis, creator of handcrafted, wearable truth at her online shop Dear Mushka, has written extensively on the promises of God and how they spark joy and peace in your everyday life. In fact, she’s created a whole line of beautifully illustrated scripture cards that she and her tribe will be memorizing together.

3 secret promises you didn't know were in the bible with katie lewis from dear mushka

Today, we’ve mined her devotions (available on her blog) to uncover three promises you probably haven’t heard recently (we certainly hadn’t!). We can’t promise they’ll change your life...actually, yes we can.


The mother of two adopted sons, Katie began her shop as a blog. “Mushka” was what Katie’s mother called her, and it became her name for her future (as yet unknown) children. Eventually, Katie added a shop to the blog to raise money to adopt her first child.


Today, the shop employees Katie and her husband full time (or, as full time as parents of two young children can be!) and provides hope and inspiration to thousands of women every day on Instagram and through jewelry, tees, and more.


Here are the incredible promises Katie has shared with us:

Interview about promises with Katie Lewis from Dear Mushka


1. Have You Missed This Promise About Promises?

This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life. -Psalm 119:50


As Katie’s shop transitioned to wearable truth several years ago, she realized “what we chose to put on everyday was a personal decision; we were laying it close to our hearts or across our wrists and letting it say something. Why not let it tell our stories?”


This promise, the first from the Dear Mushka scripture pack, is a deeply meaningful description of the power of stories and promises and the God who weaves both together.

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Katie writes: “Most attribute this Psalm to David--who had a life full of suffering--but no matter who wrote it, we all know this earthly life is full of brokenness, hardship, & death.” What’s so valuable about promises from God, however, are that “even when spouses fail, health lacks, babies pass, terrorists attack--we can still stand because of the life God's truths bring.”


Read the rest of Katie’s devotional here.

3 secret promises you didn't know were in the bible with katie lewis from dear mushka


2. The Secret Promise About Money

2 Corinthians 9:8 “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency, in all things, at all times, you may abound in every good work.”


You’ve probably heard this verse before, and maybe it’s been used to encourage you to keep on with the hard stuff. But you might not know that wasn’t the original intent of this verse.



Here’s how Katie explains it:


“In this part of Paul's letter to the Corinthians, he's talking specifically about financial generosity. In verses six through nine he's looking at the Church of Corinth and essentially saying: Those who give generously will reap abundantly for the kingdom. Give cheerfully! And know that God will provided everything for you to do so.”


Here at Stand for Mom, we’re working or ministering in some capacity as we mother, and money is coming or going (or both!) at a rapid pace. What we do with it--and how we handle a little or a lot--matters, which is why we love this third promise from the DM scripture pack.


Read the rest of Katie’s devotional here.

3 secret promises you didn't know were in the bible with katie lewis from dear mushka


3.  The Secret Promise When You’re Afraid You’ve Heard it Wrong

All women who think they must have heard God wrong when something he promised didn’t happen, raise your hands. All hands raised? Ours, too. That’s why we love Katie’s story.



Katie shares that back in 2012 she felt God stir her heart with a dream. The problem? Her husband didn’t share that dream and Katie relates that she was “heartbroken in a way I’d never experienced before.”

WATCH our interview with Everywear Kids creator Mary Beth Johnson, work at home mom of four: 


Katie had a choice: to give up, to assume she hadn’t heard right, to question. Instead, she spent the next year and a half praying. She writes, “Ultimately, I quit bringing it up in exchange for simply sitting at God’s feet every few days with my questions. Did I mistake the calling? Should I pursue the issue further?”


Many months later, Katie experienced the intense joy of knowing that God answers “prayer upon prayer upon prayer” when her husband experienced a change of heart.


Read the rest of Katie’s adoption story here

3 secret promises you didn't know were in the bible with katie lewis from dear mushka

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Growing a Business in Part-time Hours (Work at Home Mom Feature with Supna Shah from We Go Kids)

Supna is a mom of four-year-old triplets (triplets!) and creator of WeGo Kids, a children’s apparel line that aims to inspire active lifestyles for children and their parents. The company’s tagline is “We Go. You Go,” but it’s not just a tag; Supna and her family live it. “I make sure in everything that I do, my kids are doing it with me,” she says, whether it’s laundry, grocery shopping, or co-sleeping together in one big bed!

growing a business as a work at home mom

How Do You Do it All? 

Supna’s life echoes her choices. Most of her day is spent in hands-on activities with her children. They play, run errands, and do chores together. Supna has carved out childcare on Mondays and Fridays, but outside of that, she’s not working. She explains, “I plan out my work at least one week in advance. My friends know that if they send me an email on Sunday night, they won’t get a reply until Friday.”

Supna is a bit of an anomaly; while many work at home moms multitask, working in the midst of kids, Supna has found she’s much more productive when she doesn’t multitask. Yet, she is crystal clear about what’s important to her: “my full time job is being a parent. I waited ten years to have my kids. I’m not going to have anymore. I get one shot at doing it right.”

Growing a business in part-time hours (work at home mom interview with Supna Shah, creator of WeGo Kids)

Can You Do Both?

If you are simultaneously awed by what Supna has accomplished as an entrepreneur and deeply confused about how she’s managed to do so much in so few hours each week, WE WERE TOO. So, we asked her! Her response pointed to a razor-sharp focus and a commitment to the consistency that leads to results over time:

“I chose to grow slower! I could have gone the VC route, but I chose to grow slower. Actually, it’s better to grow slowly. You build such a strong foundation.” This slow growth, however, won’t happen without clear vision. “It’s so important, when you feel stuck or frustrated, to put your read down, remember your goals, and stay in your lane. Just do one thing every day to move your business forward, even if that’s just a Facebook post!”


Supna's dedication has paid off. This spring, WeGo Kids transforms from a small local batch to their first factory shipment and in February, Supna will launch Parent Talk, a panel of three moms and two dads discussing relevant parenting issues in an open, safe environment.

Supna explains, “there isn’t really a place currently for these kinds of conversations. We found they don’t stop when the cameras turn off. Parents really need to have a place to talk about these important issues and to know that they’re not alone.”

>>>WATCH this ten-minute interview with non-traditionally working mom Mary Beth Johnson<<<

We put Supna on the hot seat with questions about motherhood. Here's what she said: 

What do you do? Founder of my own company, WeGo kids

How many kids, and what are their ages? I have triplets who are 4.5 years old, 2 boys and 1 girl.

How did you become a work at home mom? Motherhood is life altering and 3 at once totally rocked my world. I became a work at home mom instantly. 12 weeks after maternity leave, I convinced my employer to let me work from home. 2.5 years later, I founded WeGo kids.

What have you learned as a work at home mom? I've learned that my #1 goal is to be a good mom, everything I do must support that goal in order to have a place in my life.  I say no to all opportunities, tasks, invitations that don't support my #1 goal.

Where are you struggling right now? I struggle with having patience, but keep reminding myself: life is about the journey, there really isn't a destination.  

>>>WATCH  the one thing you can do this week to increase your kids' emotional intelligent<<<

What was your biggest fear when you left your employer to found WeGo kids? Actually, I had no fear. My biggest challenge in becoming a mom was learning to overcome fear, to manage the voices in my head that used to creep up and plant doubt and fear- all of which was magnified during postpartum. After reading Michael Singer's book, The Untethered Soul, embracing a practice of yoga nidra, and learning conscious breathing, I have managed to banish fear from my life and open up to a world of possibility.

What does being a good mom mean to you? Being a good mom means 2 things to me.  First, I must be present, in the moment, at all times, with my children. No multitasking, no dividing my attention.  Full focus on them when I'm with them. Second, as an adult, and their mom, I have a lot to teach my kids. But, almost more important to me, is taking the opportunity to learn every thing I possibly can from them--it makes me a better person, not just a better mom.  

What in your life requires the most patience right now? My life requires patience. My entire life.  Being a mom, being an entrepreneur, being a wife, being a woman--I have to have patience with all of it. I learned, some time ago, that my life is not about achievement, it's about journey.  And it requires patience to embrace the journey and let everything else go.  

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3 Ways to Make Your Heart Stronger with Leslie Nwoke, MD (Stand for Mom Show Episode No. 10)

Heart Work Now Interview about work at home moms with Leslie Nwoke

When we talk about strong women, the conversation has to include Leslie Nwoke. But would it surprise you to know that this founder of a non-profit for girls with trauma, M.D., executive coach, and mother of two has encountered significant disappointment and personal failure in her own life? 

Here are three life lessons Leslie has learned about doing the heartwork that enables you do your life work--whether that's being a mother, a business woman, or all of the above: 

1. Press Into Community, Even When It's Hard 

Leslie is no stranger to the pain relationships and friendships can bring, but after years of working with girls who have experienced trauma and women fighting to gain emotional health, she explains that we need community.

 "I really believe there's only so far we can go without other people. There's only so much we can do without other people....we get to see an aspect of God." 

Watch the rest of Leslie's story on community here

2. Want to Crush Your Goals? Get Quiet.

In a September email to her tribe, Leslie shared lessons about stillness she learned from the story of Elisha and a woman whose sons were being taken away if she did not repay a debt.

Writes Leslie, "We tend to think our miracles will always be on public display, or that our best work should happen in front of others. But sometimes, our work needs to happen behind locked doors--to shut out nosy people, gossips, naysayers, and the people we compare ourselves to. There are no overnight successes in God kingdom. Before He elevates us, He always works on us—to develop our craft, grow our character, and teach us hard truths and great lessons."

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work at home mom interview with Leslie Nwoke, MD

3. You Can't Accept the Good Stuff if You Can't Accept Yourself 

Leslie teaches that true belonging with others comes first with belonging to ourselves. She writes, "cheers to the day I stopped waiting on your acceptance and accepted myself....and when I did, that love grew to a bounty of others who did too.

How do you handle difficulty? Take this quiz to determine your resiliency score. 

Watch this ten-minuted interview with Leslie:  

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