Stand for Mom supports the heck out of non-traditional working moms*:

women in that weird space in between full-time working motherhood and full-time stay at home mom. For a lot of us, this means we're changing diapers and handling conference calls at the same time...or slapping peanut butter on sandwiches while planning for an upcoming meeting. 

stand for mom

Some of us are business owners, some of us are writers, freelancers, or artists, and some of us work full-time or part-time for another company. All of us are learning that dreams don't have to die when we have babies. In fact, babies inspire our dreams, and our dreams make us better mothers. 

*seriously, somebody's got to come up with a better name

Since our challenges are pretty unique (and largely untalked about it in mainstream convos on motherhood), we need this community to remind us that we're not alone, that we aren't crazy, and that what we're doing matters.

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