Meet the writer:

stand for mom

Every morning I spend an hour in meditation and yoga, and then another two hours doing my hair and makeup.

Just kidding!

I had three kids in three years and have perfected the art of air drying my hair (it’s called a top knot, look it up). I’ve been writing since I was five and drinking coffee since the first kid was born and if Pinterest would just CHILL with the supermom suggestions, I’d probably be running the world by now.


I work. I write. I mother. Stand for Mom is for those of us who want to be intentional about work and motherhood. It’s about finding freedom from the things that don’t matter, so we can do the things that do matter. Sometimes I do super inspirational pieces that hit you where it hurts and sometimes I do wildly hilarious posts that are definitely snarkier than a lot of the Christian stuff you’ll find on the nets.


I’m glad you’re here.

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