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Hi, I'm Sarah

Mom of 3, and work at home mom since 2013

When I started working at home four years ago, I did so because I HAD to. We needed the income!

It was hard. I struggled with guilt, time management, and totally unrealistic expectations.

Now, I work at home because I LOVE it. I feel called to it, and I feel equipped for it. We want you to feel the same way!

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If You're a Mom and You Feel Like What You Do Doesn't Matter...

March 1, 2017


My children encounter Jesus primarily through me. One day, they will be older and they'll learn to see his face for themselves; but for now, my face is his face. Your face, his face. 


When I nurse my infant, it's as if the Lord nourishes him. 

When I draw my daughter to my heart, it's as if the Lord draws her near to his heart. 

When I tell my son about his worth and his future, it's as if the Lord speaks straight to his small heart. 


We are creators, in his image. Not just creators of new life, though that is miracle enough, but creators of identities and futures. Every 2am diaper change, every 10am snack, every 3pm sleepy tantrum and its response is another brick paved on a road to love. Out of our own souls and into theirs we etch deep grooves and channels of love, so that one day they can be loved and love in return. And this is the greatest thing. 


This is what love is, daughter. Love rolls up its sleeves and addresses your most basic need when you are at your neediest. 

This is what love is, son. Love defies its own vital needs to feed you when you are at your hungriest. 

This is what love is, daughter. Love serves when nobody watches. Hopes when all is hopeless. Believes when faith is gone. 


We love, and this is how they know his love. <3  

"Sarah has a heart for the mom who just feels like she isn't quite cutting it (hi, that's me right here!)....She speaks truth into my life exactly when I need it. This post was like a shot in the heart. So full of truth and exactly what I was needing to hear this morning!" 
Brenna S. 

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